How did Escarpment Arms start?

It can all be blamed on Frank’s 30th Surprise Birthday Party. While talking about how much our lives had changed in the 15 years of friendship after watching our kids play all day, we realized that we were both ready to try to bring our talents and passions to the public to try to improve the firearms industry in Western New York. Frank started the live fire training company Bull Creek Strategic shortly thereafter. Joe formed Dynamic Weapon Systems as a firearms dealer. A couple years later, Dynamic Weapon Systems underwent a name change and became Escarpment Arms as it is known today.

In the Fall of 2020, after a few years of unofficially working together, we decided to team up and move the firearms business out of Joe’s converted basement and into a commercial storefront with a range. With New York being so anti-2A as a whole, we knew it would have to be done right. Leave no room for error. That’s where the Cabin Range came in. We looked at the property and immediately knew it was what we needed to achieve our goal.

In a seemingly unrealistic time-frame, we managed to flip a rural hunting storefront and shotgun range to a modern firearms retailer and training facility for the next generation of shooters.

We pride ourselves on our reputation. If we give you our word on a product or service, it is only after solid experience or education on it. Rest assured that your safety is our main priority.